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 Raiding Rules

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PostSubject: Raiding Rules   Raiding Rules Icon_minitimeSat Mar 20, 2010 8:22 pm

I want you all to read this and (more importantly) follow it.
These rules apply to ALL raids.

- Prepare for the raid before it starts. This means get repairs, ammo, food, etc. Tactics could also be good to have a look at. Although I will explain before the bosses in the raids I lead, it will give you a better idea of how the fight works and what the mobs look like. If you already know tactics you don't have to listen, but please refrain from making casual chatter meanwhile.

- Arrive on time. Those set as tentative will get ~15 minutes to show up, then we start with or without them. If you know you'll be late, let us know.

- Be polite to your fellow raiders. What you say might change others perspective on the entire guild, be it good or bad.

- Expect wipes, but try to prevent them. They might happen, at times repeatedly. If you can't handle them, don't show up. Whining about repairs or others gear/skills lowers the mood greatly and causes unnecessary fights.

- Use constructive criticism. Pointing fingers at people simply to have a scapegoat is not acceptable. If you feel you know what went wrong, explain your thoughts in a polite manner.

- Should you receive constructive criticism, take it for what it is; constructive criticism. Use it to your advantage in order to improve. If you feel they're wrong, explain why.

- In level 60 and 70 raids, all who want something for RP are entitled to roll on that item. Should you lose a roll on something you want badly, don't whine about it. Unless it's a legendary. Then it's ok.

- Stick together in the raid, but stay behind the main tank. Scouting ahead or leaving one or two people behind creates confusion and could cause wipes.

- If you want to do a guild raid run IC, let us know and we shall make it an event, unless anyone has something against it =) If we pug we will inform them as well of what to expect.

That's it. Have fun!

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Raiding Rules
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