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PostSubject: Sarrva   Sarrva Icon_minitimeFri Dec 18, 2009 5:38 pm

When Sarrva was born her parents where travellers, taking part in a large travel of Kalimdor with a group of people. While exploring the grassy plains of Mulgore, the group where spilt. Sarrva and her family where in the smallest group and soon became lost. While desperetly trying to find their way to Thunder Bluff, the orginal destenation for that day, they came across a herd of kodos. Sarrva being only a tiny child at the time let out a squeak of joy upon seeing the usually peaceful Kodos, but her sudden noise scared her fathers pet wolf who charged into the herd which in turn scared the Kodos. This all caused a stamepede and while fleeing alot of the group where injured or killed.
Luckilly not long after the stampede a group of young Tauren undertaking the Rites of the Earth Mother saw the party of travellers and took the injured to Thunder Bluff for medical care and then sent out a differnt party to collect the deceased. Sarrva remained in the care of an Tauren Elder after recovering as her mother was to ill to look after her and her father one of the dead. A few days later her mother passed away no matter how much the Druids tried to save her. The Elder looked upon the smiley face of the child Sarrva; who at her age could not understand what had happened, as she played happily with a small doll and did not have the heart to send her all the way back to Quel'thalas after only just recovering, with no family and passed her into the care of a young Tauren couple who could not have children of their own.
She lived a happy life with her Tauren family in Thunder Bluff learning about the Taurens peaceful culture and rites. When Sarrva was 14 her Tauren father went out into the plains and caught her a pet wolf which she soon named Awak- in Taurahe Awak is translated into the word good, she loves Awak like a person would love their sibling. Awak has remained Sarrvas companion for years, being there in the tougher years of her life where her mother died, aswell as a fair few other things, although Awak now grows old for a wolf she still loves him.
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