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PostSubject: Agnetha   Agnetha Icon_minitimeSat Dec 12, 2009 2:11 am

Once a wealthy Lord and Lady lived in the Magnificent beauty of Quel'thalas, they lived amongst magisters, rangers and guards always dressed as the sun.
As the very few humans who dwelled amongst the elves in their city called Silvermoon, they always stood close to the light, and that was also why their new borne daughter were meant to be a Priestess.

They gave her the name Agnetha - the pure.

Agnetha never liked her forced destiny, she couldn't understand why she had to be a priestess when her mother was an enchantress... when her teachers spoke of the light, the sun and the greater blessings of understanding and healing. She was bored and wouldn't do anything but imagine she was out playing in the enchanted forest again - as she did when she was younger.

Days grew to weeks, weeks became months and then years passed.
All Agnetha had found was how much she hated the lessons of the light of the sun
she understood the importance of healing but ther had to be something more.
One night she heard voices calling her, laughter from the living room but there were none to be seen.
"Great power recides in you Agnetha - let us in - we can.... teach you.... - everything"
The voice had said. A chill ran down her spine and she thought her self crazy.
Up the stairs Agnetha ran, locked her self into a closet and threw the key some where in the darkness.

Again she heard laughter, the voice had returned it talked about power of fear, torture and pain it lured her with comments and promises of something else than a bright sun.
Hours went by the air grew thin as she fainted against the side of the closet, the voice were long gone but a strange mist that chilled her to the bone lured and transformed her with plagues delight to fight by a death knights side. Agentha had never seen the fallen prince but heard much of him, but now she was doing his every bidding. Knocked out by a sword and laid in a grave she found her self free yet forgotten by anyone but her Queen - Lady Sylvannas windrunner.

Again weeks passed and turned into months while she walked from brill to Undercity until the voice found her and she agreed on torture fear blood and rot as long as she could feed them souls they would help her gain power and atlast the voice turned out to be a little imp on the size of a gnome.

Agnetha the not so pure is now free and rather crazy so do beware she can be quite - unpredictable.
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