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PostSubject: Elisheba   Elisheba Icon_minitimeWed Nov 04, 2009 10:01 pm

Elisheba was raised by her father in Eversong Woods. As a man of the woods, he taught her everything he knew about tracking, survival and befriending the different creatures of the forest. Elisheba didn't attend any schooling or grow up with any other children and was was raised as a bit of a "tomboy", with none of the etiquettes that you would find with city-bred female elves. But, what she lacks in social skills, she makes up for in enthusiasm and wit. She can often come across as boisterous and sometimes rude, but she is very young and in early adulthood and has a lot to learn of the world.

Her father never spoke of her mother, who was unknown to Elisheba and when she asked him who her mother was, his only reply was "when the time comes". She has no other relatives that her father ever spoke of. Generally he was a very private man and this has rubbed off on Elisheba.

Not long past, Elisheba's father fell victim to a band of raiding trolls during a hunting expedition, leaving her alone in the world. Lost with him was the crucial information that led to her mother's identity and whereabouts. After his passing, Elisheba searched through her father's belongings to try to find some clues that might lead to her mother. She discovered a small lockbox hidden in a trapdoor under her fathers bed. The box is made of some unidentified metal and encrusted with strange runes. Elisheba privately carries the small box with her everywhere, in hope that one day, she'll find a key that fits. She has approached the best lockpickers, witchdoctors, blacksmith's that Azeroth has to offer but no lockpicker can open the box, no witchdoctor can break the enchant and no blacksmith can prize the box open....
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