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Born to a Human mother and Blood Elf father, Rikki lived in Stormwind for the first few years of her life, untill her mother was called into service to fight some war. Rikki was taken into care but being a half elf of Sin'dorei desent she was not accepted by any of the other children. Word came in that her mother had been killed in the war, with no way of tracking down her father Rikki was an orphan and went into the Stormwind Orphanage. Often the target of bullying she was transferred to Shattrath Orphanage.
She spent more of her life in the Shattrath orphange watching as travlers and refugees passed through the city walls. Like most of the children in care she missed her mother, and one night she snuck out of bed and into the city. Having spent many days walking around she knew what lay in the Terrace of Light, and walked up to a portal and stepped through one. Instead of ending up in Stormwind where she was hoping to go she arrived in a bright city she had never seen before. One full of bright colours, banners and magic. She came to learn the city was named Silvermoon and is where she now lives.

Rikki has lived in Silvermoon for a fair few years now and has no intentions so far of heading back to Stormwind. She has started her training as a mage in Sunfury spire under the guidence of Zaedana her trainer. Rikki is now an apprentice pyromage, and has recently become a teenager, as half elfs become adults at a much younger age than normal blood elves.
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